Get Familiar


In a society where technology has everybody staring at their screens waiting for their brain to turn on, Be You provides a platform to join a participatory revolution in support of human, cultural and social progress, to bridge the gap between where we are, where we should be and where we need to be.

The Be You Campaign originally began as a photography series to an immediate response as a silent protest standing up against all that glorify conforming.

The Campaign has grown immensely and rapidly caught the attention of the public, who join the quaint team in standing up to those who have mistakenly found refuge in sitting behind a screen, typing recklessly to tear one and other down.  The blogs and publications deemed it an anti-bullying movement that held no prisoners and pushed all boundaries.

With plenty of online platforms highlighting gossip, rumors, back-lash, and several other variations of explored avenues that can only be described as being more shallow than a kiddie pool, The Be You Campaign is in firm belief that we are all one, and that it is precisely our differences that makes us beautiful. Differences that should be celebrated oppose to condemning each other for living honestly.

This platform not only introduces an opportunity to brand yourself but also allows you and the rest of the community to get familiar with causes that you truly stand for, believe in and more often than not, probably hit a little too close to home, which is okay too, it’s human, we’re all human and it’s clearly time to take action, to stand for something, and to get involved at the very least.

The kind of world that we should be handing down to the generations to come needs to be better. Humans need connection to grow and develop, but to connect broadly is meaningless unless we connect deeply.

We are absolutely capable of taking humanity to the next level. The ripple effect can change the world if we allow it to. There’s no time to sit in silence, what’s the point to having thousands upon thousands of friends, “followers” and acquaintances if we don’t use it powerfully for the betterment of tomorrow? Be somebody! Be You!