Los Angeles Publicist and Talent Manager

J Ryan La Cour is a seasoned and successful Los Angeles Publicist and Talent Manager. Beginning his career as a club promoter fresh out of high school, Ryan seemed to take quite naturally to two things indefinitely, night life and entertainment. Soon after learning the ropes, La Cour went on to manage clubs in the Hollywood Area. Frequenting the social scene Ryan built just the right relationships to cultivate quite the impressive network and began a talent booking and public relations firm called Fly Life PR.

Ryan has since been expanding his company’s services by taking on talent management while still simultaneously maintain his public relations reputation. The young and proven entrepreneur and founder of The Be You Campaign did so in 2010 along-side co-founder, Brenn Colleen after watching a gut wrenching documentary of a young woman who was assaulted for being gay. Ryan felt compelled to make a stand and has since taken Be You nationwide. Unequivocally focusing on entertainment and our generations cultural progression, it is imperative that Be You always marry a philanthropic initiative with all their social events and collaborative efforts. Gathering supporters and brand ambassadors by the dozen and transcending expectation, Be You launched a Be You UK series in the summer of 2014 and has plans of returning to London and launching in Paris at the end of 2015.La Cour continues to work in entertainment, representing actresses, comedians, and athletes, even dipping his hand in fashion. Launching the Be You Merch Capsule last year along side he also lent his talents to a collaborative effort with BE design to launch a Be You candle line. With television projects and so much more in tow, La Cour has just gotten started.

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