Los Angeles Writer and Creative Director

Brenn Colleen is a holds no punches, freelance writer born in Hollywood, California. Prior to Co-founding Be You in 2010 along side, J.Ryan La Cour, Brenn was initially introduced to the art of shaping words at the age of sixteen through song writing. The self-proclaimed music enthusiast began stretching her literary legs as she got older in various respective arenas including but not limited to, fashion marketing, public relations, corporate copy, script coverage, song composition, and more recently in the choppy waters as an author. Penning her first novel (Sleeples in Los Angeles 2015) and presently working on a collective of essays and poetry entitled, Love Letters and Lighter Fluid, the busy L.A native hardly has a second to herself. In addition to her non-fiction novel, called Rap Therapy: You’re Listening Wrong, the tongue and cheek author says that her endless pursuit of being the author she has always expected herself to be, is still in the grassroots stages. Colleen not only offers an unguarded approach to mostly all that she has a hand in but lends that perspective to BYC when taking on the labor intensive role of Creative Director and Co-founder of The Be You Foundation. Concentrating on more controversial philanthropic initiatives from at risk youth to police brutality and racial profiling and LGBT rights, Brenn brings an equal amount of both attitude and substance to Be You. Whilst, continuing to utilize her literary talents both in creative and corporate arenas and song writing for film and television, Colleen typically refers to The Be You Campaign and Foundation as she and J.Ryan’s “love child”.