High School Cult Classics

I wish they still made High School movies like this. They’re just not as good anymore. Maybe my next move should be to create good quality High School films.
Am I really the only one that entered High School feeling like I was already an adult because of things like this, Cruel Intentions, Can’t Hardly Wait, Save the Last Dance etc…?
I mean some could say that at that age we weren’t supposed to be watching Rated R films but in my opinion it made me more mature and No! I don’t mean in a sexual way either. I mean, it just made me grow up and it taught me how to appreciate my own uniqueness and even helped create a self confidence that helped me throughout all of High School from beginning to end. I went to school feeling like every day it was a movie scene LOL I’m crazy, right? Who cares. We need to bring this back! Who’s with me?

-J.Ryan La Cour