Cut It

There’s something about that fresh haircut that I get every single week that just makes me feel like a new man. Maybe it’s just a boost of confidence where nobody can tell me nuthin! I make an appointment every Wednesday to get my haircut habitually and I don’t miss a beat. It’s literally my time to myself. I don’t care if I’m sick, hungover, or busy… I will be in that damn barber chair like clock-work.
I guess we’re like women in that way. When our hair is cut, us guys, just feel good. Our energy is high and we’re so ready to go out. SO, that’s exactly what I did.
I went out last night to Warwick to show off my cut LMFAO because I really had no other reason to go out other than that and the fact that I ran into some really cool people, the night wasn’t that fun to be real. I bet you would never expect that. My friends and I usually bring a good time with us but this time was just sort of bla. The good news is, next Wednesday is another opportunity to steal the night and shit on the scene. Shout out to all the dope barbers out there that keep us on point. You are appreciated.

-J.Ryan Lacour