Written By: Brenn Colleen

As I type this, Sevyn Streeter is most likely sleeping her night out at Liv off in the lap of luxury; Or maybe even singing duets with fellow singer/songwriter Mario in her hotel room. If I had to put money on it, I’d most likely bet that she’s presently rubbing elbows with unatinably talented people like Diddy, Kehlani, Lil Wayne and everyone else that doubles as a music savant at The Revolt Music Conference in Miami, Florida.

When meeting Sevyn for the first time three things are made very clear, very quickly. The first, being that her personality is quite possibly more vibrant and authentic than her most recent choice of hair color. (Presently,frosty blue with a very sin city/unicorn kind of vibe). The second, that she shares an affinity for dark alcohol which only made us love her more and last but not least, that she is in no way shape or form here for the small talk, chit chat or run around. If Sevyn sits down with you she wants you and she both to remember the conversation. Not only because she’ll nine times out of ten make you laugh until you cry but also because the but of the conversation as meaningful. She’s not here for the monotonous nonsense or repetitious interview questions. Sure, she’s as southern as them come and has the ability to be channel her inner southern bell and politely smile through the bullshit but more often than not, the singer/songwriter is willing and ready to get brutally honest no matter who is listening. We got all kinds of nosey in the day and life of the Florida native and wrote it all down so you can come along for the ride. During our gorilla style shoot we ended up ditching our studio and hit the streets in search of different vibes for the shoot, We danced all around to her contagious melodies, got some amazing shots of the fun addicted babe, her ombre blue tousled locks and even got the run down of what it means to be the lucky number seven in 2015.

Quite openly giving us the dish on music, fun, food, her daily, and even secret talents and bad habit…

BYC: What time to do you typically wake up?
SEVYN:I usually wake up around 11am. I don’t go to sleep until at least 3am, EVERY night.

BYC: Do you have time for breakfast? What’s your breakfast of choice?
SEVYN:I’m a sucker for ANYTHING sweet in the morning – waffles, pancakes, french toast. I love it all. When I’m on my healthy kick, it’s egg whites with grilled chicken breast.

BYC: Do you cook?
SEVYN:I love cooking. I’m a southern girl, so I love Mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, cabbage, food that sticks to your bones.

BYC: What is usually the first thing you do in your day?
SEVYN:The first thing I do every morning is talk to God, then call my momma! Real story! Lol


BYC: Is the studio a daily occurrence in this stage of your project?
SEVYN:Pretty much, and I love it! I’m able to create different stories and vibes everyday! It’s my release.

BYC: Is there ever any consistency in your schedule or is it as all over the place as most artists?
SEVYN:The only consistent things in my life are the people I love….EVERYTHING else is subject to change!

BYC:What is the most fun day (hypothetically speaking)
SEVYN:Depends on how my week has been. If it’s been hectic, I like to curl up on the couch with wine and watch movies.

BYC: What’s usually for lunch?
SEVYN: I’m usually on the go so lunch is lighter. I like Sushi, salad, baked chicken & veggies.

BYC: What all goes into your songwriting process?
SEVYN: All Of ME….who or whatever affects my day! Good or bad! Nothing is off limits!


BYC: Do you prefer to write alone or with a team of collaborative minds?
SEVYN: I love co-writes! I don’t have all the answers! Someone may bring a story or concept I’ve never heard before!

BYC: Why the title Don’t Kill the Fun?
SEVYN: Because life is too short not to have any!

BYC: Who exactly do you consider fun killers?
SEVYN:Pessimistic people who see the glass half empty. I don’t like people who overthink EVERYTHING. You have to learn how to make lemonade out of lemons! #Dontkillthefun

BYC: What is the next single we can expect after you’ve made sure all the fun is alive and well?
SEVYN: It will probably be an up-tempo for the summer. I’m still deciding. I have a couple different ideas in mind.


BYC: How often do you go out and what are your favorite places to let your hair down?
SEVYN: Where I go isn’t as important as who I go with! I can be at home with my favorite people, some music & drinks and have a great time! Or we can take that same party to a club & have fun! As long as it’s the right group of people, I can let my hair down anywhere!

BYC: What group of friends pretty much assures a good night?
SEVYN: My three best friends Jazz, Dani & Claudia! Nothing kills our fun!!!! I love them!

BYC: What’s your get ready to go out go to song?
SEVYN: Anything RATCHET!!!!! Lmao!

BYC: Pillow talk or let me sleep?
SEVYN: Pillow talk after I wake up!

BYC: What were your thoughts on your beau’s choking PSA?

BYC: Dark liquor or light? Drink of choice?
SEVYN: I’m a brown girl! I mix dark with pineapple juice.

BYC: After the part is the after party or after the party it’s bed time?
SEVYN: After party in bed :)

BYC: How do you decompress?
SEVYN: I love to go to the beach at night. Even if it’s just sitting in my car and hearing the waves crash. It helps me relax and clear my head.

BYC: Did you ever here the joke about 7? Why was 10 afraid of 7? Because 7,8,9.
SEVYN: 10 SHOULD be afraid, cause I’m coming for her next!

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