don benjamin
It’s all about Don Benajmin baby! We know what you’re thinking ladies, and yes he’s single, but wait there’s more. The model/recording artist has so much more to offer than just dashing good looks. Clearly displaying so in this interview where he offers an inside look to police brutality his passion for music and his humble roots. Proving one of our favorite mantras to be true, that everyone’s story’s matter. Sure, you’ve seen his face on every campaign from here to there but let us introduce you to the real Don Benjamin.
don benajmin
BYC: We know you both model and make music. Do you identify more with being a model or musician?
DON: I’ve been doing music for over 10 years and was my first passion so def identify with that side more.

BYC: We shot the winner of ANTM our first series and she spoke of the difficulty of shaking the ANTM name post show. Can you touch on that?

DON: It’s def harder if you win the show. But it hasn’t really been a bad light on me. Some people use it when mentioning me but I’ve branded my name alone pretty well without using the shows name.

BYC: Being signed with Wilhelmina seemed to be a beneficial move for you. Do you find the same blueprint necessary in music as in signing with a major label?
DON: Being attached to a major company is always a plus but now a days in the music industry you don’t need it. If you have a large following social media wise you can make solid moves independent.

BYC: You collaborated with one of our favorite writers and artists, Eric Bellinger. What can you say of that record?

DON: He is one of my favorites as well and very talented. The record means a lot to me Cus I see so much jealousy rather it be in a relationship or with people being so involved in everyone else’s lives with social media.

BYC: Do you plan on any future collabs you can let us in on?
DON: I have a record with Kirko Bangz I plan on releasing soon. And I’m shooting for a feature with Trey Songz. I think that could be a huge collab for our female following.

BYC: How do you find Los Angeles in comparison to your home town?
DON: It’s very different. Way more fast pace. Way more opportunities career wise and a lot more things to do for fun. But the people seem to be more genuine back home. And I can always go home to refocus on my goals and stay grounded.

BYC: Racial injustices have been popping up all over the news. We know that most interviews that you do focus on your shameless good looks but in all honesty we wanted to concentrate on something a little more substantive for our readers. Would you mind filling us in on the personal experience you had with police brutality?
DON: Yeah, I was actually brutally assaulted by the police in Minneapolis back in 08. It was a super fucked up situation and I never thought I would be the one face to face with it. But it made me look at the system a lot different. Unfortunately they got off and nothing was done about it. But luckily there are some cases where they don’t get away with it.
don benjamin
BYC: Okay okay now some smutty rapid fire questions for the ladies…

BYC: Taken, single, or it complicated?

DON: Haha single!

BYC: What was the last DM you responded to?
DON: Last DM, this girl I met years ago. Said she hasn’t seen me in forever and we need to hang out. So I gave her my number haha

BYC: How many MCM tags do you get on Mondays?
DON: Man, some Monday’s are better than others lol but usually 15-50

BYC: Marry, fuck, kill: Cassie, Rihanna, and Chanel Iman. Go!
DON: Fuck Rihanna marry Cassie kill Chanel

BYC: Do you get many haters online?
DON: I actually don’t get too many haters online. Everyone once in a while people will say negative comments and I’ll reply and they will switch it up.

BYC: Thanks for being such a good sport and shedding some light and personal experience on the importance of racial profiling and systematic oppression. Do you have any upcoming projects you want to let us know about so we can keep up with all things Don?
DON:Of course. Right now hoping to release my EP within the next couple months and go on tour.