quincy bycBetween two film releases, his new single “Friends First” out and even getting a guest role on CSI, Quincy clearly has claimed 2015 as his own. BYC was crafty enough to catch up with young actor/artist/and entrepreneur between movie releases to give our readers a peek into what it means to be everything that is Quincy. He was of course nothing but all good vibes on set and was about as easy and fun to work with as they come and we figured it was time to let you in on all the fun.

BYC: Before we begin maybe we should clear up any name confusion for our readers. Is it Quincy Brown, Quincy Combs or are we going full on future icon status and sticking to strictly, Quincy?

QUINCY: QUINCY. All the way. What better way to get to know me on a first name basis? feel me?

BYC: Brotherly Love recently hit theaters, how would you describe your character in the film?

QUINCY: A Smooth guy. Who loves hard. Who treats the phrase family first very seriously.

BYC: You were also in Dope which got rave reviews at The Sundance Film Festival. What was the Sundance experience like for you?

QUINCY: 1st time going to a world known film festival but also having something featured in the festival was definitely a surreal feeling. It gave me another wake up of what this life i chose is about to be.

BYC: Were those your two first films and would you say you’re prioritizing a career as an actor at this point?

QUINCY: It was my 3rd film. 1st film I did was “We The Party” which Mario Van Peebles directed. I can honestly say i am strongly focusing on both music and acting passionately!

BYC: A lot of people identify you as one of the sons of Diddy. Can you clear up your family background?

QUINCY: My biological father is Al, Sean, adopted me in his life when i was 3 and help raised me.

BYC: Your dad being Al B Sure, your step dad being Diddy it seems that entertainment is in your blood?

QUINCY: Of course. Since i was born it was in my face. I obtained the love for it growing up. The rest of what i do with it is history.

BYC: With your mom being actress/model Kim Porter how proud would you say your mom is of your recent successes?

QUINCY: Majorly proud. As long as my grandmother and her are proud i am accomplished.

BYC: A lot of people don’t know that your Godfather is Quincy Jones and you were actually named after him. Can you confirm or deny whether there’s any truth to that?

QUINCY: Yes. We have a great relationship. He is one of the coolest big kids i know. He has seen a lot so every time we speak he has story after story after stories.

BYC: So would you say that music is your first love?
quincy byc 15
QUINCY: Baseball was my first love.

BYC: Your single “Friends First” has more of a romantic feel to it. Do you consider yourself more a lover or a player?

QUINCY: Lover. The player ish gets old quick. I’ve had my days.

BYC: Speaking of love and heart you’ve been known to throw a celebrity ball game or two for charity. How big of a part does giving back play in your life?

QUINCY: Huge. I went to schools where higher schools always had volunteers do stuff with us middle schoolers and we also did charity style work because it was a big part of passing the grade. It was like a subject elective.

BYC: What upcoming projects do you have approaching that we should be looking out for?

QUINCY: MY ALBUM! FINALLY. I’ve been working on it for a couple years now and finally here to present it. Excited but nervous, not gon lie.

BYC: During your Be You shoot your image accompanying Be You quote was one that always stuck with me “God puts things in your reach not in your hands” would you mind letting us know why you chose that quote?

QUINCY: Yes, for one i am a strong believer in God and I believe that if everything was given to us, there would be no life to live. You can apply that in all scenarios.

We hate to do this to you Quincy but it’s 2015 and ignoring the questions the internet wants would be fraud. Besides that you’re far too clean of a guy for us not to throw in some below the belt questions so bear with us with these social media aimed rapid fire questions.

BYC: Marry, Fuck, Kill, Chanel Iman, Zoe Kravitz or Amber Rose

QUINCY: Can’t we all just get along?

BYC: How many selfies are in your phone?

QUINCY: lol. i’m light skinned, ask somebody else that question.

BYC: Who is your WCW?

QUINCY: There’s too many beautiful women in this world. I have WCE’s though.

BYC: What was the last DM you sent?

QUINCY: I Hit up tinashe wanted to collab…. *Crickets*

BYC: If you, snapchat, twitter and Instagram were all in a boat and you could only save one which would you save?

QUINCY: Is this a trick question? I would save myself then instagram. 100.

BYC: and last but not least, what are your social media handles so we can all digitally lurk you properly?



Twitter: @Quincy

This guy is all charm no games! Now go lurk a real one!