money and violence


If you’re wondering what’s happening in the underbelly of Brooklyn, New York. Wonder no longer. New Web Series, Money and Violence have shamelessly taken everybody’s attention hostage. I must admit I’ve been hooked on the show for the past week, binge watching it like I pretended to be sick to get out of school. If I was embarrassingly honest I’d admit I watched every episode in existence in a matter of two weeks.

 In keeping with the honesty rhythm, I must admit, it isn’t the acting or even the production that has people talking about the show left and right. It’s the story line and the brash realities that the guys from Money and Violence chop up and serve weekly. No preservatives added.  The creator of the show made it evident during a New York press run that his intention behind releasing the project on his own dime with his own friends was to further serve a message that our young black men are capable of more than excelling at a sport or grabbing a mic. The Be You Campaign couldn’t agree more.

The series is far from your average cliché New York show and even further from the typical Brooklyn infested with hipsters whose interests include brunching and discussing their beards type of project.  Nope. Not this time around. This time around, the group of guys that came together for their man’s vision brings us through the ghetto without riding round and gives us a taste of frustrated youth stuck in their ways like Jay once rapped about.

One of those frustrated guys being, Kane, A young man from Brooklyn doing what he can to scrape together enough cash to convince his baby mama to let him see his daughter. Yes, each episode
is that realistic. Each storyline is clearly a representation of true to life events.  Kane (played by @Ace_General_) had the decency to sit down with us for a short back and forth as the Money and Violence cast gears up for the second part of the season finale.

“May we be broke together, before we are ever rich apart.”

BYC: When Moe approached you about Money and Violence what made you want to be a part of it with no acting experience?

ACE: Initially, we already all co-owned Cloud9 TV, which is a one stop urban media outlet. Moe, Ray who plays Miz, Du who plays Shane, and I had many other projects launching and this happened to be one of many. There were no questions asked. He had a journey to embark on and I was with it. As far as acting is concerned, Practice makes perfect. I’m a firm believer in practice makes perfect. As Moe says, “The only human hands that can stop you are your own.”.

BYC:  How much do you pull from real life experiences to play Kane?

ACE:  I’m not in a similar situation to Kane as far as his baby mama drama, but having a 4 year old daughter, with whom I am extremely involved with, I can only imagine the pain I’d feel going through what he goes through. As far as the income goes, we’ve all been in a position where you second guess your morals or just may have to step out of your comfort zone. As men we take pride in providing, so sometimes when your back is against the wall, you develop a mentality of by any means necessary. Not meaning you’re automatically up for illegal activity, just anything that you wouldn’t normally do now becomes the only alternative.

BYC: Was Kane in any way named after the main character in Menace to Society?

ACE: No, not at all. The name was just randomly thought of but the character is loosely based on someone from Moe’s life.

BYC: It seems like you all have pretty good chemistry, how long did you guys all know each other before filming?

ACE: Well, Miz is my cousin, I’ve known Du for about 8 years. And Miz and Moe have known each other for over 6 years. Moe and I met about 5 years back but he and Du are just as much family to me as miz.

BYC:  Was everyone who is a part of the cast down from the jump or did some people take some convincing?

ACE: No, everyone a part of the cast at this point was down from jump. Anyone indecisive about jumping on board, we didn’t chase. We wanted authenticity. You had to believe in it as much as we did.

BYC: I’m a sucker for the theme song and Bad Mon No Running. The majority of the songs are unsigned artists. Will there be a soundtrack dropping any time soon?

ACE: Most definitely. It’s in the works currently.

BYC: What can we expect in season two?

ACE: The most I will say is we’re putting in hard work. Don’t worry, we won’t lose the raw substance you guys look forward to and of course, the many messages.

BYC: Are you guys looking to take the show to a network?

ACE: Of course. There are many perks to a larger platform. Mainly being able to get our message across to a greater audience.

BYC: What do you think you’d be doing if there were no Money and Violence?

ACE: Pretty much broadening my horizon and hopefully, whatever  it is I would’ve gotten involved in would’ve been just as successful. I have a passion for music, I am an event coordinator and promoter. As well as a tax preparer and a dad. So, I would’ve had my hands in something.

BYC: Anything you want to plug or shout-out?

ACE: Just would like to shout out the many supporters that have been rocking with us well before this and continued up until now. We definitely appreciate you guys. My family, my friends that have believed in and supported my endeavors and are more like family. And of course God for blessing me with brothers that understand loyalty and humility. We support and push one another. “May we be broke together, before we are ever rich apart.”

You can TV binge and watch Money & Viloence on Cloud9TV or Youtube. Your drug of choice is your prerogative but I promise you, the show will have you hooked.

Written By: Brenn Colleen