Get your mind out of the gutter. F is for fashion. The fashion industry consists of the production of six raw materials. Initially being, fibers, textiles in addition to leather, fur, and denim. crowned Marta Goldschmied the bad girl of denim at the top of 2015 and BYC finds out why.


Being the daughter of Adriano Goldschmied (The man behind Diesel, Replay, and AG who throughout his career has subsequently been referred to as Godfather of Denim) it only seemed right and clearly far too deep in her genes and jeans to ignore. Not that Goldschmied has every had any intention of riding her father’s coat tails. She told “If my father had told me to go into denim, I would’ve run the opposite way”. Thank God she didn’t. Since making a few fashion trial and error faux pas Marta has undoubtedly made a statement with MADE GOLD. A message that says she’s here to stay and fuck shit up. I scored the opportunity to visit the Italian denim heiresses’ swanky new office as she was gearing up for New York and Paris Fashion Week. The Made Gold studio is a lot like Marta herself. Unintentionally chic with rebellious details and an attitude that screams “shove it”.  The place is strategically covered with sketches of new designs, images from her soon to be released collection, inspiration tears and mood boards.


All of the inspiration hanging on the snow white walls is only separated by rolling racks of denim with washes you’d only see in a jean wet dream. The camouflage denim jacket was by far my favorite. On Marta’s desk sits a small black journal with gold writing that says “fucking brilliant” in cursive accompanied by enough candles to light the sky and more Vogue magazines and coffee table books than a fashion publisher’s playhouse. If their last collection is any indicator as to what to expect from the next, it is going to be everything but obvious. There’s denim with a wash that resembles smoke and work out attire that has all the look of denim and all the comfort of fit-wear. No not that nauseating jegging nonsense. More like sports bras and work out shorts that you’ll want to wear out.


The fashion conissouer was born in Italy and raised partially there and partially in Venice, California; which explains why she has such an organic mix of cultured luxury and street style. With washes, cuts and detailing so impressive that the denim Gods just might shed a tear, Goldschmied attributes her personal style to grunge Queen, Courtney Love among other influences. She sat across from me wearing what she refers to as her “favorite pair of Loubitons”, black cashmere Helmut Lang sweater and of course, black made gold denim. Engulfed in images from the Made Gold look book shoot, not only does Marta and Made Gold seem to have a bright and cutting edge future but she even gave our readers the firstlook at the new collection. I’m not really sure what’s next once you landed stores as huge as Selfridges and Saks but we’re damn sure going to stick around to find out.


Model: Stormi Henley

Photographer: Eric Ray Davidson