You know those women who have such good hair you secretly want to invite them to sleep over so you can chop it off like an anciently bad Brady Bunch episode? Well Yoga enthusiast, Jeni Ni is one of those women. On top of all that, the Boston raised, New York conquered and new Los Angeles resident has so much style it practically spills out of her pores. Officially she’s the buyer for favorite brands but unofficially she’s our Yoga Zen goddess who has taken time away from her busy schedule to share some of her yogi secrets. Namaste.

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Both The Scorpion Pose and The One Legged Scorpian Pose or Variation on Vrschikasana release stress in the shoulders and spine, strengthens torso and back and gets rid of stubborn fat from these areas and improves spine flexibility. It also builds stamina and endurance, strengthens arms and shoulders and stimulates hair follicles to prevent hair loss. It’s like yoga’s answer to the fountain of youth.

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Try it at home and tell your boyfriend to thank us later.