JMSN I had the pleasure of catching JMSN last year at The Echoplex downtown in Los Angeles and fell completely and utterly under his ether.

The soulful Michigan natives music is undeniably moving. He packs so much of himself into each lyric of each song. It isn’t only the lyrics that contain so much emotion but also the natural progression and build up of his songs and the vocal arrangements. The music both sonically and lyrically is so raw and honest that if you can’t relate to it I’m convinced you have no soul.

If you’re in search for a new artist to obsessive over I highly recommend him. Being from Los Angeles somewhat ruins the ability to be a fan because who an artist can turn out to be, more often than not sabotages the image you’ve romanticized though their music. JMSN is not one of those artists. He is exactly who he portrays to be and it’s so refreshing that skipping out on his live is almost a crime.

The Blue Album, pictured above is just another example that JMSN’s music proves that he is one of those artists that is irrevocably a slave to the art form of making music. The song Street-sweeper appeals to both the organic soul fans and the melody chasers. Check out JMSN’s soundcloud here and get after it already! If you’re a sucker for nakedly raw lyrics, an old school sound laced with relevant and present day innuendos.