Self-proclaimed loner, Marz Leon is quite the rarity.

The new artist is clearly confident enough to showcase the beauty behind marching to the beat of her own drum.

Being one of the many reasons why she is the first that we’ve featured in our certificate of authenticity series. Her organic affinity for self-realization and the unruly confidence she’s found in her idiosyncrasies are endearing enough. All while her distinctive eccentricity is just as appealing as her unique perspective and aesthetically pleasing visuals. Of course all this is accompanied by moody and melodic vibes provided by the twisted fire starter herself.

With the body of a sinner and the face of a saint, the Southern California visionary is hard to ignore.  We sat down and did our best at finding our way into the deepest dustiest corners of her over active imagination. It went a little something like this…

BYC: Your music reveals a lot about you, is there anything that you feel is off limits to discuss?

ML: I mean I think everyone has “off limit” situations to talk about. But what I talk about in my Music is never off limits, obviously. It’s just all about a connection to the people when it comes to me creating the Music that I do.

BYC:  We’ve seen you wearing a wire crown in your Loner video and referencing Kings and Queens. What do those royal titles mean to you?

ML: Queens & Kings are royals of Love, Loyalty, and Protection. We are all born King & Queens. It’s within time and growth that you realize how much you are worth and how royal we all are without the idea of money and popularity making us “Royal”. Being a King & Queen is about the love given & received, being good to the people surrounding us, being good to ourselves, and protecting the ones we love & care for. Knowing where you stand in life, and how you evolve from being a Princess|Prince in growth, to adult God|Goddesses.

“Believe in your power, as you will become what you give out.”


BYC: While we know you as an artist, we first saw you in tons of street wear campaigns. Do you consider yourself a model, an artist, or does one hand wash the other?

ML: I would say in Music come a lot of things.

Modeling is automatic once you have established a set foot print on hearts. I support a lot of great brands and photographers as they support me immensely. So modeling is always great to express my artsy side.

BYC:  A lot of people don’t know that when ASVP Rocky did that tribute to the iconic Rap Pages cover featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard and a topless woman, that in the remake it was you. How did that come about?

ML: My gosh, that was years ago. Mega called me out of the blue to shoot that concept with ASAP. It was tight. Good experience to learn from. That was an old lane growing from rapper to singer. Although I enjoy raw artsy concepts like what I shoot.

BYC:  You’re one of the only other females I know that are die hard Big L fans. How did 90’s East Coast hip hop play a part in your life, being a millennial?

ML: It wasn’t just East Coast hip hop (although that’s mainly all I listened to) it was all the rap I listened to. From Big L, Pharcyde, Biggie Smalls, A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, Jay Z, Immortal Technique, Pharrell, Eve, Jedi Mind Tricks, Lupe, Kanye, believe the list goes on.

I enjoy all of the older raps from early 2000s and back. They always helped me write, and connect to situations and times that they have been through. I studied their flow patterns, pockets, voice tones, lyrics, everything. Amazing lyricist. Kept my mind set strong. I never took shit from anyone.

BYC: Who are some women that you look up to or have inspired you along the way?

ML: SADE, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, My Grandmothers, Myself.

I had to teach myself to become a woman growing up, so these good old fashion women I was always so drawn to and looked up to, helped me grow into the beautiful woman I am today.

From their lifestyles, words of passion and experiences in heartbreak and love are part of what helped me grow. I still strongly believe in the 50s wife type of lifestyle mixed with some put our foots down won’t take any disrespect being a woman wave.

BYC: A lot of people move to L.A. to chase a dream but you were born and raised here. What sort of perspective does being an L.A. native give you?

ML: Being from California and raised in the Valley portion of it, is a much different perspective. You grow up on family oriented structures, minimalism, and raised to hustle your ass off to become what you want in life, (when you are coming from no money like I did). They put the ruler to your ass out here about being on top of your shit. At least my father did|does still. Never taught to chase the fame or fortune, but to always remain true to yourself, stay humble, and work hard for what you love. I am glad I am not from LA|Hollywood. No one ever thinks that I am from California. Which I enjoy knowing. People get lost. There are too many lost souls trying to be on out here. I enjoy being under a rock

BYC: You’ve been very selective about what you’ve released thus far. Is there a method to your madness and when do you plan to hit the road?

ML: I am always very particular & uptight about what I release, when I release it, or how I go about releasing it. Organic. Art takes time, it should never be rushed. A lot of people are not familiar with the creative process without actually being in the position. Planning to tour around this year. I already have a few performances lined up.


BYC: There’s tons of mellow female new wave. Are you ever grouped in with Banks or the FKA Twigs of the world and what do you think separates your sound?

ML: I was when I dropped my first single L O N E R, but I believe that was just because I was new to the human ears and scene. They put me in my own lane once I dropped my EP and another single LEVITATION which I respected. I don;t sound like any other female out right now trying to make it in the come up. Not trying to sound cliché either. I just focus on myself and continue to create a sound and structure that no one follows or is doing. My lane is very diverse with no label to my genre. Tell me what other female artist you know out right now where you could literally put any genre type to their one set sound? …. . I’ll wait. I love that women are finally adapting into their raw side of being a female and not being afraid to be them selves. A little late but better late then never. The beauty of Music is it’s always changing.

BYC: Which one of your songs are you most proud of and why?

ML: L O N E R. All around amazing. From the beat, to the structure, to the vocals, to the lyrics. A new sound of its own that has never been done before. Gold.

BYC: How would you describe your personal style?

ML: Alien.


BYC: The Be You Campaign is very message driven and initially concentrated on anti-bullying. What would your advice be to someone that is facing such hate?

ML: I am all the way against bullying. I got bullied at times growing up being a skinny odd girl with a gay parent . I heard it all and I kept my head high, and continued to defend myself until I became indestructible to the hatred. If hate comes your way, love them in return. Kill them with kindness. If you’re being bullied physically, stand up and defend yourself. Never allow anyone to place their hands on you and try and make you feel non-worthy or lower than them. They’re just lost insecure souls that will not ever become happy in life so they put down everyone doing good around them. Steer clear from the haters. They will only bring you down, if you allow them to. Always remain yourself, and love your flaws and differences. It’s what makes you unique and beautiful. Be You. One Love.


Get more familiar with the captivating Marz Leon by molesting her soundcloud and other social feeds. She even just dropped a gem on us called “White Lionz” feel free to give it a listen here

white lionz


We promise you, she’s worth the lurking!